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January 20th, 2010, 12:09 pm


(Originally posted on my other webcomic)

I've been pretty busy, school just got started for real, and this is my last year = ALOT of projects, orals, moc exams and then finally exams in May.

In other news...
I drew a guest page for the amazing webcomic YU+ME a while ago, and that uptook some time. It was uploaded TODAY, and since then I've had 444 unique vistors on my other webcomic. TODAY. OVER FOUR HUNDRED. And the pageviews for today has reached over 3,500! IT'S CRAZY.
SO! THANK YOU all unique and new visitors for taking times out of your lives to take a look at my humble webcomic D: I hoped you liked it!
ALSO, : thank you all SJers that have faved and commented and been awesome and made my days pretty and sparkly. 17 fans! That is more than I ever dreamed of <.<
If you never have read YU+ME before, there will be a link at the end of the comment.

another thing that have kept me busy lately is a contest I'm going to submit an entry to (a SAILOR MOON contest!). And it's kind of a big project, and I've been pretty focused on that (or well not FOCUSED, but just a tad less scatter minded) It's a dA contest, and I'm going to link it to you at the end of this comment! You should REALLY participate because there are some totally awesome prices to be won O_O

Also, if you would like a FREE SKETCH drawn by me, you should go to my dA journal and be one of the first ten to comment! There's 7 slots still open, if anyone is interested :D

And last but not least: THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU.

dA Sailor Moon contest -
My dA -

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