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August 6th, 2010, 11:55 am


People might've noticed how scattered and few the updates have been during these past three/four months, and to prevent this from happening in the features I've decided to instead of uploading all pages I do at once, I'll put them into a buffer! So that you can have regular and frequent updates. The updating schedule will be mon-wen-fri unless anyone has a better suggestion.

Right now I am working on that buffer, and currently I have about five or six pages ready. However, I'm not gonna start uploading until I've finished this chapter. I think I'm gonna start uploading pages on monday, if everything goes well. However, nothing is ever certain with me.

I hope people will appreciate this and if you have any questions or opinions on the updating schedule or something else, don't be afraid to pm me.

Don't forget to check the newly updated gallery and LINKS-page!


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