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Here are some comics that I read and adore, and that I think everyone should read and adore. So if you haven't read them before, you should. I have even provided you with fancy banner links. So click and read and love. Go go go!

Penelope's Far-Out-Mantic, by Denji-Chan

Parakeet Jones, by KickSatanOut

My Cardboard Life, by Philippa

Love Me Nice, by Amanda Lafrenais

The less than epic adventures of TJ and Amal, by E.K. Weaver

Johnny Wander, by Ananth & Yuko

Jenny Haniver, by rapidfiretollbooth

Hark! A Vagrant!, by K. Beaton

Hanna is not a boys name!, by Tessa Stone

The Meek, by Der-shing Helmer

Candi, by Starline Hodge

Girls With Slingshots, by Danielle Corsetto

Evil Diva, by Pete, Brinson & HAI

YU+ME Dream, by Rosalarian

Instant Comics, by Mangazebra

Hemlock, by mildtarantula

Fuse, by Corny and Jong

White Elephant, by Ayamefataru

StrYders, by Red Rabbit

Sender Unknown, by lolcrayon

Glorious Kids, by HayleytheCat

The Blufin Killies, by zorrin

Moképon, by H0lyhandgrenade

Wunderkammer, by Wunderkammer

Idiot Heart, by Chirurotsu

Quincy's Seewing Machine, by magicalschool

the Death of Sydney Walls, by Ardi

Alternate, by nozmo

(NSFW) Incubus Tales, by hushicho

more to come