May 12th, 2010, 12:49 pm


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May 12th, 2010, 12:58 pm


I'm working on the next page right now, don't worry! I just needed to like say some things and felt that the best way of getting the information through to you were through a filler :D

you might have noticed some minor changes with the MZL-SJ page. like ie that I managed to fix the thing that was fucked up with the layout, and now we have a border for the navigation again!
ALSO I managed to fix a jumpbox!!!! :D FINALLY. I have tried ficxing one ever since I started this comic, but it didn't come with the layout I chose. but now I took time to figure the thing out so yeah! yay!
ALSO I have added some fanart in the "extra art" section! not all of them are FOCUSING on MZL but they include MZL characters :D there are links to the ones drawing them, and I REALLY REALLY think you should check their comics out.
I'm gonna fix a LINKS page soon, too! with links to comics I love and other stuff!

and in case you haven't checked out the MZL site you should:


and uh
I HAVE A QUESTION. or more of a general...ierno.
but yeah ok, my mother have for some weeks now been on me to draw something that she can put on t-shirts for me her and my sister. like some random character.
and now today when I thought of it I realized that I could draw EDITH D: like do some awesome print-drawings with edith and some funny/awesome text. So I think I'm gonna do three different versions of her.
and uh I was wondering if you maybe would want to have a t-shirt with her on as well...maybe? ierno? :X:X:X:X I feel weird asking, but since I'm already gonna do it for me and my mother and sister I thought that...maybe?
I don't know how that would work though, if there's like a webpage that takes care of such things...and in that case I don't know how much that would cost :X:X you maybe don't want to but I just thought I would ask <.<

EITHER WAY, I need help with what the t-shirts are gonna say D: do you have any suggestions?

July 21st, 2018, 10:30 am


May 12th, 2010, 1:03 pm

if ou had a tshirt witha slogan being said by edith, there'd definstely be speech involving ceral somehow Dx LOL! do you mean selling t-shirts? that's a great idea!!! you coukld easily find a place thatll sell them cheap- whats more if you go to you cna do designs for t-shirts and they rpitn them prodfessionally,if you gert enough votes annnd you get money for it, you should try it out while you're here right?! =D good luck!!!!

May 12th, 2010, 1:10 pm

uhh this is so exciting i would so totally luv a t-shirt with edith on, and guess wat now i'll actually have money to pay YAAY

anyw i luv this drawing every drawin of edith is such a joy to look at, i just luv her angry teeth and the way she walks in this really angry way xD.

also i'm quite bad at comin up with stuff, but it could relate to the zombie thing, or i don't kno if ur mom is into scary/death things, but it totally says a lot about edith.

it could even say somethin negative about being a zombie, i don't wats bad about being zombie, well u'll never eat again which is pretty sad to me, cuz i luv food, maybe u even start to stink and no one wants to be around u xD hahahhaha nah thts cruel sorry, ehm... wat else u could list down lots of things about zombies or death or even the bright side about it.
thts really everythin thts comin up in my mind, but i could so see an awesome title relatin to tht, i've always luved goth things and the lines they come up with xD

May 13th, 2010, 10:20 am


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