March 11th, 2010, 3:00 am

Chapter 2 - page 24

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March 10th, 2010, 3:55 pm


(this comment was written yesterday)

I'll update this later XD lol


ok, now I'm a bit more serious XD
lol yesterday was weird. I like didn't take my meds because I woke up really late and if I take them late I can't fall asleep until laaaate so yeah.
and yesterday I was SO giggly! I'M NOT KIDDING YOU. I GIGGLED ALL THE TIME. COULDN'T STOP. my family got really annoyed lol XD

ok - this page!
these colours are actually not the colours I used irl, I changed them in the computer xD just to try- do they still look like marker colouring or has the computer changed it?
or I didn't change them much, but they're a little greener than before.

ughghg I'm unsure of the anle in the first panel. does it look good?

I like edith in all the panels except panel three. her face kinda got mushed O.o dunno...

AND LOVE DRAWING BACKGROUNDS. hahah that might sound weird because before I kinda dreaded it, but it's sooo much fun! :D creating an environment is fun!

and you non-swedish/danish/norweigan people probably have no clue what it says on that sign.
you danish/norweigan/whatever might not either, though xD i dunno?
but "SKÅNETRAFIKEN" is the name of the bus/train-company that controls the buses etc here in the part of Sweden I live. I mean Sweden is divided into regions, and the part i live in is the furthest south part and is called Scania ("Skåne" in swedish) :D and the cmpany would probably be called Scania Traffic or The Traffic of Scania if translated into english, lol xD
this gives you a location of this comic ;) huuh!? huh!?
yeah that's right! it takes place in Sweden! Scania! in a city that is kinda like the city I live in!
yeah I do that. I would never try to write about a place or try to draw a place Im not familiar with. just seems...weird and hard. though I did write a short story that took place in a city up in the far north of sweden, (in a biiig region called "Norrland" = "North-land" xD or wait no Norrland isn't really a region, but it's like a group name for all the regions up there in the's complicated and you don't really care hahaha so I'll stop talking now lol) because the songs I was basing the story on talked about that city, since the artist was from that city. but luckily I have a friend who lives there :D:D so I asked her a zilion questions and she answered me and then I went up and visited her for like a week and then we walked around alot and she showed me some places the songs talked about and that gave me enough information to not feel weird writing the story.
oh god I ramble, sorry T__T

but ummmm yeaaah :D
this is a comic about swedish zombies and vampires etc.
and yu will be shown some swedish culture etc! aint that fun!? xD

....sorry, LONG COMMENT. fff.

but um
Edith doesn't live in a HOUSE really, but like...a small house. dunno how usual they are abroad....or even what they are called in english. hm...wait, I'm gonna google it! these types of houses come in pairs, like, two houses put together but it's still two seperate houses. and in the neighbourhood there's like a lot of pair-houses....and they are smaller than regular houses (edith house has one kitchen, one living-room, two bathrooms and two bedrooms)
AND according to some translating-program they're called DUPLEX HOUSES in english
anyone recognize that?

...I'm sorry I'm so confused and haha ierno xD this author comment is weird.

but yeah, edith lives a bit outside the actual city-part. like ten/fifteen minutes by bus. and it's a kinda big neighborhood with houses and duplex-houses etc for families. it's a good neighborhood xD lol. you know what I mean hahaha

yeahI'm gonna stop talking now XD

July 19th, 2018, 10:14 am


March 11th, 2010, 6:39 am

were u giggling a lot cuz u hadn't taken ur medicine?
and lol i have days like tht too, were everythin seems funny its really strange xD i wonder wats wrong with us humans

i've never heard of skaenetraffiken LOL i can't remember wat we call tht system in denmark ^^'

and yes i used to live in one those houses but i can't remember the names either, i swear u see them everywhere in england, they also have flats tht connect in a long row, it looks strange xD and then they're also really noisy to live in -___-

anyw i luv this page especially panel 1, its so amazing looking with tht perspective.
i swear u have to teach me >,<

and i like the idea with panel 2 and 3, having her walk away while talking, and then seeing the door slam.

also yes when u start drawing BG u kind of get used to it, i find it fun too, to create surroundings, so tht it feels like u can see the world u kno :3

and yes it is difficult to draw about a place u havn't been too, like in my comic hehe, i've only seen some of germany but not tht twon i based the comic in, but then again i've been researchin the place a lot too ^^ and i would luv to go there some time x3

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